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Third Street Cigar VIP Private Lounge Individual/Corporate Membership Application & Agreement

The Private Locker Room is the 24-hour/365 days a year, private access area of Third Street Cigar.  Membership Application for access must be approved by the Membership Committee.


The annual membership begins January 1, the single membership fee is $700.00 plus tax, a corporate membership fee is $1,500 plus tax, (maximum three (3) people).  This fee must be paid in full upon approval of the application and covers locker lease, assists with facilities costs and upkeep, special events and future improvements.  Individuals or corporate memberships joining throughout the calendar year will have the fee prorated based on the month joining. (January-June = full amount, after June a prorated fee will be established).


The membership is not transferable or refundable and automatically renews on each subsequent January 1, unless a thirty (30) day advance notice is provided by the member to Third Street Cigar of their desire to non-renew.  Access to the Private Locker Room is effective on the date payment is received.


There will be a charge of $25.00 for replacement of each lost locker keys and/or each electronic door pass cards.


The purpose of the lockers is to store “legal” cigars and accessories.  The Private Locker Room is not legally or financially responsible for contents of the lockers.  The Private Locker Room retains a key to all lockers and reserves the right to access the lockers at any time necessary by policy or by law.


Appropriate social and lawful conduct is expected of members and guests at all times.  Any inappropriate conduct may result in revocation of access and the locker lease. 

All new members are subject to a six (6) month probationary period.


Cigarette smoking in the Private Locker Room is discouraged.


Occasional guests are permitted and are the responsibility of the member.  Guests are expected to follow the same rules of conduct as members.  We do ask that members do not abuse guest access.  Guests are always welcome in the retail smoking lounges.


Third Street Cigar reserves the right to adjust the price of membership or invoke a minimum purchase requirement at any time.


All cigars must be purchased at Third Street Cigars, cigars purchased externally are not permitted.

Approval of your application for membership and payment of dues constitutes agreement to all Third Street Cigar VIP Private Lounge policies.

Complete and submit the form below and we will get back to you soon with more information and to arrange payment

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